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I apologize for the quality of the photo as it was taken from the camera on my cell phone. This photo was taken on Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, New York. In my opinion, this photo represents an ethnic neighborhood depicted by the group of West Indians passing by and the nearby restaurants.  If one looks closely, a popular West Indian restaurant called Kaieteur Express can be seen.  In the photo, several colors coexist. There are different shades of pink and blue (jackets).  There is also black and tan (jackets) present.  The awnings of the various businesses are yellow, blue, green, white, black and red.  It is apparent that the children walking side by side know each other, perhaps from school or are siblings.  They are in close proximity with one another so I would assume that they are at least familiar with one another. It is safe to say from their jackets that the season is winter.  They are all bundled up with scarves and hoodies and walk with their hands in their pockets representing a cold day. The lighting in the photo represents the afternoon time.  We see the sun lightly shines, not as brightly as earlier in the day.  It is close to disappearing or setting for the day; this is represented by the shadows on the floor. The neighborhood seems to be always busy, full of cars, traffic, and people. It looks like a bustling community.

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7 Responses to “What do you see?”
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      amaru says:

    This isn’t too far from where I live and it reminds me of one of my favorite things about Queens; the diversity. I remember a teacher told me while I was taking classes at QCC that their campus as well as QC’s campus are a couple of the most diverse in the world.

    New York City is just a melting pot of ethnicity and culture. The different colored awnings of those different businesses is a good example of that and this picture reminds me of that (one of the reasons I love living in New York).

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      yleader says:

    It’s so funny how we were both on Liberty avenue but yet the sceneries are so different. My photo depicted a very blue sky with the trees showing a sign of winter with as you stated the sun shining brightly; however, this photo showed people walking about their daily routine and mine showed the same aspect of a busy day only via automobiles. Photos tell a story some of which are similiar but can be expressed in many different ways…really cool.

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      penny says:

    The first thing about this picture that grabs me is the amount of foot traffic. A clear tell that it is an urban area. Next you can see it’s bustling with people and stores. I like the quality, it lends itself to the overall feel of a candid moment in time. I also noticed the shadows from the lighting, it’s a intriguing mirror of the buildings skyline.

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      Nisha says:

    I actually live pretty close to the place where the photo was taken. These people in the picture must have shopped from the stores located on this avenue. The picture depicts a cold winter evening and these people seems to be making their way to their houses after shopping.

  5. 5
      mhaniff88 says:

    I love the picture because I know where it is and love going to that restaurant Kaieteur express, because the people are really nice and there doubles are defiantly really good. I’ve been there so much put never really paid so much attention to it until I read your blog.

  6. 6
      antonia says:

    Great entry, Christine! The only question I had when reading it was: you describe the colors in the picture in great detail but the reader keeps wondering what they actually might mean to you? Why are you mentioning them? …

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