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Our project involves specifically the Indian dance community. Being that we are familiar with several dance teams, we will inform them of our study.  Given their permission, we will record pictures and videos of them in action. We will ask them if it is possible to republish their work for class purposes and research purposes […]

Posted at: March 24th, 2010 - 4:20 pm - Number of Comments » 3

I chose this photo because it partially relates to the topic I am doing on how society views  male dancers in the Indian dance community. I took this photo at a recent cultural show here at Queens College.  I feel that it conquers stereotypes of male dancers by demonstrating their masculinity. I chose this photo […]

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Photo taken from: http://www.123opticalillusions.com/pages/Facevase.ph

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After careful deliberation, Bianca and I decided that we will look at body image and gender among various dance groups. In researching body image, we hope to find out what society believes the ideal dancer looks like and moves like.  We also hope to discover how society views male dancers. We can then obtain a […]

Posted at: March 15th, 2010 - 4:21 pm - Number of Comments » 10

For the first round of the minifield work exercise, I assumed the role of Dr. Researcher. The topic my partner Caitlyn and I chose was necessary improvements on Queens College campus.  The general question I began with was “What changes do you feel need to be made to the campus?” I made my question less […]

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