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After careful deliberation, Bianca and I decided that we will look at body image and gender among various dance groups. In researching body image, we hope to find out what society believes the ideal dancer looks like and moves like.  We also hope to discover how society views male dancers. We can then obtain a generalizable response about what is acceptable and what is not in the dance community.

We will go about this task via photo elicitation, participant observation (we will go to different dance shows and observe the audience’s reaction and listen in to side conversations), as well as short questionnaires to get a general idea of how people feel about gender and body image in the dance community. We have possible video ideas as well as photos for the elicitation portion of our project.  These videos are predominately south asian/caribbean segments.  We hope to obtain videos of other cultural dances too.

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March 15th, 2010 at 4:21 pm and tagged

10 Responses to “Revised Final Project Topic”
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      ksyed100 says:

    Hi christine your project sounds really interesting, I was just wondering if you were going to look at race as well when you looked for societies views on male dancers? Also what genre of music are these males dancing too? I feel sometimes society views male dancers, who dance ballet, are viewed as too feminine. Over all its a good proposal!

  2. 2
      christinepersaud says:

    Kanwal, thank you for your questions, they gave me additional ideas to focus on because I really did not think of those questions. I will definitely look at how male dancers are viewed through the eyes of people of different race and ethnicities. As for the genre of music, we were focusing primarily on Indian music but, I think reggae, hip hop, and other types of music would be included as well. Again, thank you so much for actually making me think of other questions to make the research stronger.

  3. 3
      devyndarko says:

    I am definately looking forward to seeing in what direction your project will go. I like it that you’ll be looking into people’s perceptions of male dancers.. I’d also like to see the intersections of race/ethnicity and dancers.. like in ballet, modern and interpretive dance…

  4. 4
      antonia says:

    Great topic. See my comments on Bianca’s post. In addition: let’s talk again about the focus of your study. When you mention “we were focusing primarily on Indian music but, I think reggae, hip hop, and other types of music would be included as well” it sound sliek you are going off in all directions again.

  5. 5
      christinepersaud says:

    Devyndarko,thank you for your comment. We are not sure as of yet the types of dances we hope to explore, but your suggestion seems like a great possibility.

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