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Over the last few days, we have developed our surveys and interviews, revised them and put them to work.  For the most part, we found it easiest it to interview the dancers because we are most familiar with them than anyone else in our sample.  Therefore, we decided to start our research interviewing male and […]

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General Survey Disclaimer:  This questionnaire is designed for research purposes only. It aids in supporting data collected in the field of Visual Sociology.  All responses are confidential and anonymous. If there is any question you are uncomfortable answering, please feel free to skip it. Sex: (Please check one) MALE FEMALE OTHER _________ Age: _______ Race/ […]

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Heiland, Teresa L., Darrin S. Murray, and Paige P. Edley. “Body Image of Dancers in Los Angeles: the Cult of Slenderness and Media Influence among Dance Students.” Research in Dance Education 9.3 (2008): 257-75. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Apr. 2010. As previously stated, Bianca and I have decided to explore body image along with […]

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The main goal of the Yes Men is to publicly expose major corporations and organizations whose main interest is solely personal gain.  The ways in which the Yes Men strive to accomplish their goals are by posing as corporate officials, leaders, and spokespersons. In order to gain recognition, they make up phony websites about issues […]

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In the article, “Signs of Resistance”, what sparked my interest was the amount of  attention given to graffiti.  For example, Operation Clean Sweep “vowed to remove graffiti within 7 days after it was reported to a 24 hour hotline”.  I understand that graffiti is often perceived as disruptive and deviant acts, but to provide this […]

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