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In the article, “Signs of Resistance”, what sparked my interest was the amount of  attention given to graffiti.  For example, Operation Clean Sweep “vowed to remove graffiti within 7 days after it was reported to a 24 hour hotline”.  I understand that graffiti is often perceived as disruptive and deviant acts, but to provide this much attention to it makes me wonder about what else society views as a threat.  In my Sociology of Police class, we discussed that graffiti is a quality of life crime, in that it does not directly harm individuals, but speaks to and about society as a whole.  If no one is threatened by graffiti, then why all the hassel and attention?   Another aspect of the article that strangely intrigued me was the researcher’s mode of transportation.  I think that using the bicycle was an innovative approach. Usually, when trying to explore, people would get around via car or by foot. The bicycle allows more room to explore.  Additionally. I thought it was great to learn how research begins as informal, personal enlightenment and morphs into  the study of visual resistance. Everyday wonderings can become an intricate research process.

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