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I chose this photo because it partially relates to the topic I am doing on how society views  male dancers in the Indian dance community. I took this photo at a recent cultural show here at Queens College.  I feel that it conquers stereotypes of male dancers by demonstrating their masculinity.

GSA Cultural Show-Natraj Dance Group

I chose this photo because I think it most closely relates to the project I am doing on body image in the Indian dance community. This picture was taken from the Clip Art Library and was drawn by George Supreeth.  I believe this image says a great deal about how the artist and possibly people in general feel about the ideal dancer’s body.  It’s interesting how the artist had many options in sketching this female dancer, but he chooses to make her thin. Is that surprising? Why couldn’t the dancer be thicker in size? Although I do not agree,  I sometimes feel that “thicker” or full-figured dancers are only portrayed for satirical or comical purposes.  Is this acceptable?

Clip Art Library – by George Supreeth-http://www.openclipart.org/detail/28589

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